Labmaster LUCIA™ human IVD tests

Labmaster Ltd developes human IVD tests based on Cathodic Electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL) technology 



Human IVD tests & pipeline
Launched 2020

Labmaster LUCIA™ CRP

Launch: spring 2021

Labmaster LUCIA™ MxA

Launch: spring 2021

Labmaster LUCIA™ Covid-19 Serological tests

Launch: summer 2021

Labmaster LUCIA™ hsCRP

Launch: summer / fall 2021

Labmaster LUCIA™ HbA1c

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Human diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics



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Products designed, developed and manufactured by Labmaster Ltd. meet their specifications when stored, used and transported according to the instructions for use and product inserts. Labmaster LUCIA™ is a trademark designed and owned by Labmaster Ltd. 

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