Biometro “Technology to diagnose various diseases with a drop of blood”

Biometro, a bio venture company together with the Finnish bio company Labmaster, announced on 16th that they have developed a technology that can identify various diseases using a drop of blood.

Biometro and Labmaster have been committed to joint R&D and commercialization of C-ECL(Cathodic-Electrochemiluminescence) technologies since 2015 and have been developing related technologies. Labmaster is a Finnish bio company that produces and sells immunoassay kits and diagnostic reagents.

Biometro claims that using this technology, a drop of blood from a patient can identify cancer, heart disease, and viral infections within five minutes.

Choong-kyung Kang, chief technology officer of Biometro, said, "Only two companies in the world that have developed ECL technology; Roche and Biometro/Labmaster." He also said, "Biometro/Labmaster's ECL technology has a similar level of accuracy and sensitivity to Roche’s."

The companies already have 10 patents registered including 8 US patents.

"Biometro/Labmaster's ECL technology has a sensitivity of close to one million times that of existing POCT diagnostic equipment, and it shows precision and accuracy similar to that of large-scale diagnostic equipment. We will be able to apply it in many fields in the future," said Gilnam Kang, the CEO of Biometro.

Biometro/Labmaster plan to launch products in the European market in the second half of this year, receiving CE certification for the European market for small in vitro diagnostic devices with this technology.

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2017/03/16 16:48 Yonhapnews Jandi Kim